Camo Patch

A.P. Outdoor Products proudly offers their newest products, Camo Patch, to the residents of Darien, IL and the surrounding areas.  

This ultra-strong, waterproof fabric and leather cement permanently bonds almost any fabric to other similar materials. The scent-free, non-toxic adhesive is made from all-natural rubber latex. Plus, it dries in minutes and won't wash out. Camo Patch repairs camouflage clothing, ground blinds, tents, tarps and more. Camo Patch is available at an affordable price for your convenience, which is $9.99 a bottle with
$4.00 shipping.

NAHC seal of approval||||

"Camo Patch is very strong and effective on variety of differentmaterials; it worked great to permanently repair seams on my groundblind." -Timothy Garnhardt, Redwood Falls, MN

"This waterproof fabric cement is very strong, even after several washings – and a little glue goes a long way."
- Jeremy Proper, Copake, NY

If you would like more information about Camo Patch and what it can do for you, you can contact us or fill out our online inquiries page.


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